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Situational Awareness

We all have places to be and things to do. We have routines we follow and are constantly on the go. We typically know what’s going on in our own “little worlds”. Unfortunately, we very often distract ourselves from what’s going on around us and this is exactly what criminals want and look for when looking for a victim. Situational Awareness is one of our first lines of defense and one of the first things that we easily forget to maintain. 

In a world where distractions are all around us, it can be difficult to maintain situational awareness. We have to build the discipline to ignore the things that can distract us and maintain vigilance at a minimum where it counts. We are most vulnerable in transitions. When we leave or arrive at our house. Entering and exiting cars or when we are focused on a singular thing out in the open like an ATM machine. These are times when we need to have a command presence and be aware of all that is around so if  a criminal is watching we don’t portray an easy target. Break up routines, and run scenarios through your head. Come up with contingency and reactionary plans in the event something happens. It doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday party at a friend’s house, eating at a restaurant or visiting a relative. As you enter these events and situations you should be playing the “what if” game in your head so you can mentally be ready which will further translate into physical readiness. 

There are so many variables in our lives that we can’t control but we can control our “little worlds” and influence the world around us. Being situational aware of our surroundings is that first line of defense in preventing you from becoming a victim of crime. Furthermore, it will sharpen your awareness the more you force yourself to take in your surroundings and “read” the situation. Take in everything, not just what’s in front of you. Up, down, left, right and behind. As the saying goes “step on a crack, break your mothers back”, but if you see that crack before you step on it, you can step over or around it.  

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