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We teach you to Protect What Matters

Meet The Team

Masada Tactical prides itself in only employing the best instructors possible, from those with real-life experience, law enforcement, or military who have undergone a rigorous instructors training program and testing process.

Our Expertise

People don’t fight back, and they don’t prepare themselves for this dangerous world. I believe it’s time to change that and to show people that we can protect ourselves, we can defend ourselves, and it doesn’t have to be political; it doesn’t have to be negative in context. We can do it in a fun manner and in a social environment and empower people to take control and protect what matters.


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Free 7 days to participate in all level-appropriate self-defense classes, fitness and conditioning classes and unlimited access to the gym.


Get 50% off yellow-level equipment when you signup for a year membership within ten days of your trial start date. Protect What Matters and grow with us!