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Tyler Blankchtein

Tyler Blankchtein



Tyler has been affiliated with Masada Tactical since 2019. She trains civilian students in self-defense and firearms tactics.  Tyler also assists in various pistol and rifle tactical shooting, as well as HQL/CCW classes.

Tyler is a certified Personal and Dignitary Protection Specialist having attended and graduated from a grueling 80-hour certification class.  

Tyler is a gun enthusiast and has had her wear and carry permit since 2020.  She regularly carries IWI’s Masada Slim, but has trained and taught using several Glock platform pistols, especially the Glock 19 and all most of IWI’s platforms.

Tyler looks to empower women in self defense, personal fitness and body mindfulness to create a healthy, safe and balanced lifestyle.

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Phone : 443-906-2095
Email : [email protected]