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How Kids in Maryland Can Benefit from Learning Krav Maga


First, you may be wondering what Krav Maga and Israeli Combat System (ICS) are. Well, Krav Maga / ICS is a self-defense system developed for the military in Israel that consists of a comprehensive combination of techniques sourced from aikido, judo, boxing, and wrestling, along with realistic fight training. It is known for being a very effective way of teaching children how to defend themselves. In today’s world, our children face increasingly harmful dangers. In any typical American city, kids face the possibility of schoolyard bullies and exposure to gangs. Even in the most upscale neighborhoods, they may be left unsupervised for periods after school, where they can become potential targets for crime. Learning how to protect yourself is a vital part of growing up in today’s world, but traditional martial arts can take too long to learn for practical self-defense. Krav Maga / ICS is the ideal solution for kids with its quick counter-attacks and effective techniques. By starting as young as 5 (Little Warriors), and with continuous practice, by the time a child reaches middle school, they will have developed a high level of competency in self-defense. Thanks to Krav Maga / ICS’s unique training and the added benefit of being a great workout, children often develop a great sense of respect and discipline for themselves and others while having fun. You’ll see that Masada Tactical puts little emphasis on formalities, which also makes our training much more effective. Krav Maga is not a sport; it’s a life-saving method, and this training makes a difference in real life. This is why the number of kids classes at Masada Tactical has grown, and parents are seeing the incredible growth in their kids.

Bullying and Fighting in Schools

Coming to the next point, a question may arise: How could bullying lead children to Krav Maga? Bullying and kids that are bullied should never be told to fight. Fighting typically makes the problem worse, and most believe the way for victims to deal with bullying is to ignore it.

From our perspective, that is the worst option possible. All schools in the United States have cases of bullying. Nearly 30 percent of school children are either bullies or victims of bullying. 10 to 14-year-old students represented the highest percentage of children who are bullied. The story does not stop here. Half of all bullying incidents result in bullies attacking the victim physically. Kids need to learn some physical moves to protect themselves. Watch a class at Masada Tactical, and you will find that Krav Maga’s fast counter-attacking to end the fight quickly helps ensure your child gets home safe. This is why, regardless of what the teachers or schools say, children who are bullied benefit from training at Masada Tactical so that they have more options and strategies to protect themselves. People sometimes question if “self-defense or violence is the solution,” but our lead trainer, BK, has said, “Krav Maga doesn’t teach students to blinding attack, but how to control and manage the situation and be able to get home safe.”

Learning Krav Maga is a lifelong process; the most important thing is applying the skills you have learned. The principles your children will learn can teach anything from escaping a playground bully who puts them into a headlock to breaking the hold of someone trying to pull them into a car. You will see that it is invaluable when your child begins to master the solution to these problems, and you will appreciate the confidence it instills in your kids.

Benefits of Learning Krav Maga for Kids

Learning Krav Maga gives kids the skills and discipline to improve their behavior at home and in the classroom. According to experts, when kids begin to feel comfortable with self-defense training, it can significantly help their focus. The need to exercise control while training teaches kids to become conscious of how important it is to respect other people’s feelings in class as they practice their stances, punches, and counterattacks. Additionally, it can help kids focus their energy and increase their attention span by learning many of the techniques taught in ICS. Masada Tactical teaches children that hard work, patience, and diligence pay off when they can see improvements and receive positive feedback from our instructors. This fosters a healthy respect for authority and their ability to advance in our program as long as they work hard and follow instructions. Many parents send their kids to Masada Tactical for the confidence and strength that comes with self-defense training. As children learn more advanced self-defense techniques, they learn to strategize and think quickly. This can help enhance problem-solving skills, which are helpful in everyday life, both in and out of school.

We’ve heard stories where kids “just stand there” and take it when attacked because they don’t know what to do. Learning how to react may help them in these situations and increase the chances that they will get out of the situation with little to no physical harm to themselves. This is because even when kids build up good tools and skills, Masada Tactical teaches them they don’t always have to fight. This is done by training them to understand the consequences of using the techniques they are practicing, and they know the power they hold. When training here, we teach the kids that self-defense should only be used if they or someone else is in immediate danger. This leads children to better grasp the meaning behind consequences and the importance of always making careful and appropriate decisions. When kids learn how to defend themselves through Krav Maga / ICS, they learn who and what they are up against, how to judge a situation rapidly and effectively, and what to do in the face of danger.

Mitigating Issues through Krav Maga Training

Besides developing self-defense techniques and fitness, Krav Maga / ICS helps empower kids to feel more confident in other areas of their lives. Parents and teachers always ask us how we can get children to listen and focus during the classes. We tell them, “We don’t get them to listen; we create an environment where they want to listen.” School teachers have reported back to us a massive improvement in children’s behavior in the classrooms and on the playground. Additionally, the quiet, and more reserved children are no longer easy targets and are no longer fighting back tears after school.

Krav Maga is a practical and proven system of fighting off an attacker. It is a solution to the epidemic in our schools, playgrounds, and streets, where children are being bullied and sometimes seriously injured. As long as children are still getting bullied or injured, parents and teachers should continue encouraging them to train in Krav Maga / ICS.

Every class at Masada Tactical has at least one full-time instructor and one of our team members to provide instructions and assistance. The classes are designed to be friendly and enjoyable, with plenty of games and activities so kids can make friends and build connections.

Krav Maga is more than just a method of fighting; it is a way of life. By beginning with a TRIAL CLASS, students will take the first step to improving their future lives. The younger the children start learning Krav Maga, the more natural it is for them to master these skills. Join Masada Tactical and give your children the best opportunity to defend themselves and fight back in dangerous situations. We hope to see you and your children in our Severna Park location soon.


Learning Krav Maga can benefit school-aged kids in Maryland. It can help these kids gain confidence and discipline, and it can help them protect themselves from some of the dangers they might be exposed to in life. By taking this form of self-defense, kids will be better prepared to defend themselves if the need arises. This is especially true in cases of bullying or preventable attacks – with the guidance and moral discipline provided by Masada Tactical’s teachings, kids will be better placed to avoid physical altercations if at all possible. We teach that looking after oneself physically should be accompanied by respect and overall well-being, so it’s no wonder that more and more parents are turning to us as a means of enhancing their kids’ lives. When your kids train and Masada Tactical, they learn to Protect What Matters!

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